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Backlit stone for extraordinary light design!

Discover the magic of light and stone with the translucent stone veneers from Slate-Lite:

Cozy evenings in warm living room light with natural textures and pleasant plays of color, impressive plays of light and unique designs in business settings - everything is possible!
Our backlit stone veneers add quality and exclusivity to any room. Depending on which light source and light color you use, you set different accents.

Different light effects depending on the light source

Whether warm white, cold light or colourful RGB colours: Each light source creates different colour moods on the stone surface.

Suitable for any light source

Whether LED panel, light bulb, LED strip or fluorescent tube: the translucent stone veneers can be backlit with any commercially available light source.

Product lines for every application

The choice is yours: we offer translucent stone veneers with a total thickness of less than 1 mm or a thickness of up to 4 mm.

Become a lighting designer!

Thanks to the transparent background, all stone veneers from our Translucent product line can be illuminated with a light source behind the stone panel!

With this backlighting, you can create impressive highlights in private and business areas, for shops, counters, restaurants or bars.
Even hobbyists can become light designers themselves thanks to the thinness of the stone material and create stylish one-of-a-kind luminaires.

Bestseller Translucent

Galaxy Black Translucent

Content: 0.7442 m2 (€90.03* / 1 m2)

Variants from €4.99*

Available, Ready for dispatch in 1-7 business days

Cobre New Translucent

Content: 0.7442 m2 (€90.03* / 1 m2)

Variants from €4.99*

Available, Ready for dispatch in 1-7 business days

Rustique Translucent

Content: 0.7442 m2 (€81.97* / 1 m2)

Variants from €4.99*

Available, Ready for dispatch in 1-7 business days

Mare Translucent

Content: 0.7442 m2 (€90.03* / 1 m2)

Variants from €4.99*

Available in approx. 65 workdays. Express delivery possible on request.

Terra Rosso Translucent

Content: 0.7442 m2 (€81.97* / 1 m2)

Variants from €4.99*

Available, Ready for dispatch in 1-7 business days

Bestseller Stoneboards

Stoneboard D. Black 45° TL 240x120 4mm

Content: 2.88 m2 (€211.81* / 1 m2)

Variants from €499.00*

Available, Ready for dispatch in 1-7 business days

Stoneboard Rustique TL 240x120 4mm

Content: 2.88 m2 (€178.82* / 1 m2)

Variants from €499.00*

Available, Ready for dispatch in 1-7 business days

Falling Leaves (SB)

Content: 2.8802 m2 (€178.81* / 1 m2)

Variants from €499.00*

Available, Ready for dispatch in 1-7 business days

Translucent or Stoneboards?

Our "regular" Translucent decors are perfect for all lighting projects where ease of processing and flexibility are important.

The more stable Stoneboards are the optimal choice when you want to illuminate large, flat surfaces without additional substrate.


Ready-made LED panels with real stone!

With our Lightboards you get the all-round carefree package to your home: We deliver your individually manufactured LED panel with our translucent stone veneer, directly in your desired dimensions!

Simply choose your favorite decor and configure your Lightboard in seconds to the millimeter - it has never been faster & easier to get a unique design with unique lighting effects.

High-quality LED strips with high light output are installed in the Lightboards, which radiate either with colored RGB light or warm/cold light. Through the transparent carrier of our translucent stone veneers you create surprising light effects with WOW guarantee.

We offer a total of three different product lines that create worlds of light in stone: Translucent, UltraThin Translucent and our Stoneboards.

Translucent is the classic translucent product line with a transparent fiberglass back, a bendable radius of approx. 10 cm and a total thickness of approx. 1.5 mm.
For better stability and light distribution, Translucent can be bonded to glass or acrylic. Depending on the span width, we recommend an acrylic glass thickness of 4 mm for standard formats 122x61cm and 8 mm for large formats 240x120cm.
When using fluorescent tubes and LED strips, acrylic sheets with a frosted glass coloration have proven to be particularly effective, as they distribute the light effectively. Please also ensure a minimum distance of approx. 6 cm between the stone slab and the light source.

UltraThin Translucent has a cotton mat instead of a fiberglass backing and can be formed three-dimensionally to some extent. Thanks to its low overall thickness of less than 1 mm, UltraThin Translucent can even be cut with scissors or a cutter knife.

Stoneboards are an extra stable and thicker version of the Translucent line with a fiberglass backing.
The greater overall thickness means that there is no need for an additional acrylic sheet as a support, and the large format of 240 x 120 cm can also be installed by a single person.

The translucent Translucent stone veneers are processed with our special transparent adhesive Translucent Crystal Clear.
The adhesive is simply applied to the mounting surface or the back of the stone sheet using a smooth spatula.

In principle, any light source behind the stone sheet is possible.

The simplest method for uniform illumination is an LED panel with high light output. However, you can also use fluorescent tubes, light bulbs or LED strips. In this case, a frosted glass pane between the light source and the Translucent decor helps to distribute the light better. A sufficient distance between the light source and Translucent (approx. 6 cm) also ensures optimum light diffusion.

Depending on whether you use warm, cold or colorful RGB light, you can create different lighting moods.

Cutting our thin stone veneers to size is extremely easy, and almost any standard DIY tool is suitable for this: You can cut Slate-Lite to the required size with millimeter precision using a hand or table saw, jigsaw or multitool.
Simply cut the stone sheet from the back using a wooden or plastic saw blade with medium teeth. If necessary, then lightly sand the cut edge with sandpaper.

Depending on the installation location, you can use Slate-Lite without additional surface protection, for example in indoor are
as with low levels of stress.
For applications in areas with high loads, such as the kitchen or in the shower and bathroom, we recommend using an additional impregnation or sealant.
This is usually applied to the stone surface with a foam roller in a criss-cross pattern; this can be done before or after installation.

For detailed instructions on the protective products, please refer to the respective data sheets and recommendations in our theme worlds. In the following video we show you an example of the simple application of our strongest sealer Slate-Lite Extreme Protection.

Slate-Lite can be cleaned with all commercially available, non-corrosive household cleaners.
In most cases, clear water and a lint-free cloth or brush will suffice.

In outdoor areas, cleaning with a high-pressure cleaner is also possible, but please observe the distance recommended by the appliance manufacturer when using it.

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