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Our environmental promise at Slate-Lite

Thanks to their lightness and thinness, our thin stone veneers are not only easy to work with and offer unique possibilities indoors and outdoors, with Slate-Lite you are also opting for an environmentally friendly stone decoration! The emission rates on the transport routes are many times lower with Slate-Lite stone veneer than with conventional stone slabs, resulting in a significantly more positive eco-balance.

The majority of our goods are shipped to our central warehouse by sea. With a pollutant quantity of approx. 15.1 grams of CO2 emissions per kilometre (source: NABU), this results in the following example calculation of one of our containers: (Comparative calculation: sea route India/Germany. granite slab vs. Slate-Lite).

  Transportweg Materialmenge (m²) Ladung (kg)
Slate-Lite Seecontainer 40' 10.637 m² 26.500 kg
Granitplatte (2 cm) Seecontainer 40' 441 m² 26.500 kg
  Entfernung (km) CO2-Ausstoß (g) CO2-Ausstoß / m²
Slate-Lite 7.500 km 3.001.125,00 282,12 g
Granitplatte (2 cm) 7.500 km 3.001.125,00 6.806,27 g

approx. 95% less CO2

One sheet of Slate-Lite stone veneer produces approx. 95% less CO2 during transport than a conventionally thick stone panel.

Conserving resources thanks to low material consumption

In addition, the manufacturing process we have developed also conserves natural resources in the quarries: From the stone material of a single conventional stone slab of 2 cm, we obtain 200 - 400 slabs of Slate-Lite, depending on the decor!

Of course, we are also relying more and more on recyclable solutions for our packaging, so that we have already been able to reduce the amount of plastic waste many times over in recent years.
And of course we will continue to work on this path in the future!

Slate-Lite plants trees!

We are committed to a better environment and our climate: We are pleased to have been able to plant our first 100 trees together with Plant-My-Tree, who have been carrying out reforestation projects in Germany for climate protection since 2007.

All Plant-My-Tree trees are planted as sustainable mixed forests with a planned project duration of at least 99 years, so that new habitat for insects and animals is created over decades and both active and long-term work is done on CO2 compensation in Germany.

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