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Full sample variety for your sales channels

Full sample variety for your sales channels

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Convince your customers of all the benefits Slate-Lite has to offer. The new professional "Sample Suitcase" helps you!

Show your customer what Slate-Lite can do!
The professional "Sample Suitcase" contains numerous Slate-Lite sample sets.
Well packed in a sturdy case, you will have everything Slate-Lite has to offer with you when visiting and talking to customers.

The new, large sample case from SLate-Lite
The new, large sample case from Slate-Lite

What is included?

- The new sample set in half A4
We currently offer over 70 stone decors and 5 different stone types. So it's not easy to choose: but with the Slate-Lite sample set, your customer will get a good first impression of our stone veneers and can use it to find his favorite decor for his building project.

- A mini LED panel
Amaze your customer and show them how Slate-Lite Translucent makes real stone shine. The Mini-LED Panel gives you the ability to quickly and easily apply translucent stone patterns to demonstrate your customer's desired decor directly backlit.

- Profile Patterns
Any Slate-Lite project can be given an elegant finish with our profile strips. Made of high quality aluminum, profile moldings provide the perfect finishing touch! Pattern set includes:
- Finishing edge
- butt profile
-Internal corner profile
-outer corner profile

- Workbox
Your Slate-Lite customer wants to move their construction project forward faster and save time on their construction site. We offer numerous services to help them!
The Workpieces sample set shows the services we offer around our stone veneer. It contains 10.5 x 29.7 cm samples for the following services:
- Pressing on MDF
- Pressing on chipboard
- Pressing on acrylic (for translucent)
-edge processing (lacquered edge)
-Laser Cut-Outs
-4-color UV printing

- Current Slate-Lite catalog

Compact and clear, on over 90 pages, the Slate-Lite Catalog 2023 shows everything there is to know about our ultra-thin stone veneers.
Numerous project examples present Slate-Lite in action and show how versatile our stone veneers are.

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Free shipping

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Slate-Lite convinces!

We are convinced of our stone veneers - and with the Sample Suitcase you can bring this enthusiasm to your customers.
Pack your suitcase and present the stone and color variety to your customer on site for the next construction project!

We are excited to see which new projects will be implemented with our paperthin stoneveneers.

Laser cuts are possible with Slate-Lite
Laser cuts are possible with Slate-Lite
The mini-LED panel makes stone veneers shine
The mini-LED panel makes stone veneers shine

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