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Super Glue with Activator Spray


Content: 0.35 kg (€44.29* / 1 kg)

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Product number: 100879
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You get a practicle helper with the MD GEL.454 for difficult spots of Slate-Lite:
MD GEL.454 ensures a strong fixation for difficult to glue spots such as corners, extreme curves or decors with a very high material tension (such as our marble decors).

The MD GEL.454 is easy to use: First apply the adhesive component to the required area. At this stage, the adhesive does not yet have any adhesive force.
The strong clamping force and fixation of the adhesive occurs only after you have activated it with the Activator spray component or after a few minutes if activator is not sprayed.
Now just press it on and the activated gel will allow the rest of the adhesive to cure without any problems.

For detailed information on processing and composition, please refer to the data sheets:
Download data sheet gel
Download Safety Data Sheet Gel
Download data sheet spray
Download Safety Data Sheet Spray

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