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The origin of Slate-Lite goes back to the 90s:
At that time, Gernot Ehrlich manufactured table fountains and tables from normal slate in the USA. The slates were glued to MDF boards with epoxy resin. While removing a broken slate, Slate-Lite was accidentally invented: A paper-thin layer of slate remained on the glued MDF board.
Gernot Ehrlich immediately saw the potential for an extraordinary product and experimented with different substrate materials until he finally came up with today's solution.
Series production of Slate-Lite did not begin until much later.
Since 2002, R&D GmbH has been distributing Slate-Lite  in more than 35 countries.

We at R&D GmbH stand for long-term product quality, reliable delivery times and high availability in our warehouses. We respond to your individual needs as often as possible and work every day on solutions for the success of your individual projects.

Our research and development department is constantly working on new products and optimising processing methods and suitable accessory products. As part of product safety, we naturally also regularly carry out tests at renowned test centres such as TÜV Süd, TÜV Nord, MPA, ILF and other independent bodies.

Whenever you need advice or help with a project involving Slate-Lite : We are happy to be there for you!

Please also read our Code of Conduct, because the working and production conditions in our company and the associated production facilities are very important to us.

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