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Adhere Slate-Lite directly onto old tiles

Adhere Slate-Lite directly onto old tiles

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Old tiles - no problem!

Say goodbye to old tiles and backsplashes in kitchen, shower & bathroom in no time and transform your rooms into modern design statements quickly and easily with Slate-Lite, the papterthin real stone veneers!

What needs to be considered?

You can glue Slate-Lite over existing tiles without any problems, e.g. in the kitchen as a backsplash, on the floor or in the shower & bathroom.

Just note, that the substrate is clean and that the adhesive is applied over the entire surface.
When using the product as a floor covering over old tiles, you should fill existing joints beforehand, as otherwise the joint pattern could be pressed through over time. 

Modern bathroom design with Slate-Lite BURNING FOREST
Modern bathroom design with Slate-Lite BURNING FOREST
Shower with Slate-Lite NERO
Shower with Slate-Lite NERO
Content:Foam rollHanger for rollerPaint trayMixing containerStirring rod


Available, Ready for dispatch in 1-7 business days

Cartrige/ Silicone gun für 600 ml*
Cartridge gun suitable for glue in a 600 ml tubular bag.Suitable adhesive products: Slate-Lite Floor & Wall Interior / Slate-Lite Exreme Bath & Exterior / Soudal 240 FC


Available, Ready for dispatch in 1-7 business days

Profile 250cm
Ensure a high-quality and elegant finish of your Slate-Lite project with our profile strips!Available variants:Terminal EdgeJoint ProfileExternal cornerInner corner


Available, Ready for dispatch in 1-7 business days

Slate-Lite Extreme Adhesive 600ml
Our All-Purpose Adhesive for Slate-LiteSlate-Lite Extreme Adhesive is a grey 1-component MS adhesive specifically designed for bonding stone veneers of the product lines Slate-Lite and UltraThin eco+.The adhesive is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, as well as for applications in wet areas.Application is done using a B3 toothed spatula (Slate-Lite) or an A2 toothed spatula (UltraThin eco+).Slate-Lite Extreme Adhesive is suitable for vertical and horizontal surface bonding on almost all substrates, including wood, metal, glass, drywall, concrete, fiber cement, lightweight construction boards, acrylic, etc. Package size: 600 ml tubeCoverage: approx. 1 m² (Slate-Lite) / approx. 2-3 m² (UltraThin eco+) Heat resistant up to 90°CFor more information, please refer to the relevant ► Data Sheet or Safety data sheet

Content: 0.6 kg (€20.83* / 1 kg)


Available, Ready for dispatch in 1-7 business days

Slate-Lite Extreme Protection
Slate-Lite Extreme Protection is a two-component protective sealer with previous primer for the highest loads in various applications. The sealer is suitable for walls and floors indoors as well as for wet areas and reliably protects the stone surface of Slate-Lite against soiling. The surface to be processed must be clean, dry and free of dust and grease. First apply the primer with a Short pile roller in a crisscross pattern. Be careful not to apply too much pressure to avoid the formation of bubbles. Allow the primer to dry for at least 3 hours. Mix the two components in the specified ratio of 5:1. Apply the mixed product evenly with a Short pile roller. Again, apply only light pressure, otherwise white bubbles may appear. Allow to dry for a sufficiently long time. Clean equipment with water immediately after use.Multiple applications increase the protective effect.Easy cleaningSmooth surfaceNo to slight color deepeningConsumption: approx. 130 - 150 g/m² per coatSuitable for: Walls, shower & bathResistance: Highminimum 1 coat: surfaces with low load, wet areas in shower & bathMin. 2-fold application: surfaces with high load such as tile backsplash in kitchensSuitable for wet areas, but not for standing waterDownload: Datasheet

Content: 1.2 L (€89.17* / 1 L)


Available, Ready for dispatch in 1-7 business days

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