Slate-Lite: Echter Stein, millimeterdünn

Fiberglass backing

Suitable for walls
Suitable for exterior cladding
Suitable for furniture
Suitable for shower & bathrooms
Suitable for floors
Suitable for kitchens & backsplashes
Suitable for facades
Fire retardant available

Slate-Lite Layers

Slate-Lite thin stone panels

The look and feel of real, natural stone, but coupled with flexibility and versatility on a sheet that is only 1,5mm thin: that’s Slate-Lite, a type of thin stone panel that creates fantastic results while being much easier to transport and apply than traditional stone slabs. A special production method allows multiple paperthin sheets to be obtained from a single massive block for further use in a wide variety of scenarios. Slate-Lite thin stone panels are the real deal, manufactured by hand, by the original producer of thin slate panels according to highest quality standards.

Flexible, easy to use, and made of real thin stone: Slate-Lite for many applications

Slate-Lite is made of real, natural stone with a backing of fiber glass. Thanks to this composition, it has the beautiful look of a full stone slab, while being much thinner, lighter, flexible and thus very easy to transport. While stone slabs are restricted in where and how they can be used due to their weight and rigidity, Slate-Lite thin stone panels face no such restrictions. The panels can be bent and molded to the underlying surface with heat, so they can wrap around corners and round objects. They are less brittle than full stone slabs so that they are not as easily damaged by falling objects and similar issues. Despite this, a hard-metal tipped circular saw or a skill saw can be used to cut the thin stone to shape easily. Drills for stone and hard wood can be used to create holes for outlets and hooks. Thus Slate-Lite can be applied as facades, indoor and outdoor wall coatings, flooring, bathroom and kitchen tiles, and furniture finishes.
A special variant of our Slate-Lite product is our Translucent line. This thin stone veneer is created with a translucent backing which allows light to shine through the stone. Like this, natural stone can be used as a covering for light sources, bringing out the patterns and colors unique to each thin stone.
With their light weight, high flexibility, and quality appearance, Slate-Lite is ideal for commercial uses such as store construction, restaurants and bars, counters, and similar applications.

The advantages of purchasing Slate-Lite from the original producer:

  • High quality due to strict controls on all our sources
  • Exclusively handmade; we manufacture all our products locally by hand
  • More than 40 different colors and textures from slate, myca, limestone, sandstone and marble
  • Picture matching service ensures you know exactly what you get on each purchase
  • All sizes almost always available: 122x61cm, 240x120cm and 260x120cm
  • Individual sizes available on request
  • Additional products for application, cleaning and maintenance available
  • Slate-Lite Project
  • Slate-Lite Project
  • Slate-Lite Project
  • Slate-Lite Project
  • Slate-Lite Project
  • Slate-Lite Project
  • Slate-Lite Project
  • Slate-Lite Project
  • Slate-Lite Project
  • Slate-Lite Project
  • Slate-Lite Project
  • Slate-Lite Project
  • Slate-Lite Project
  • Slate-Lite Project
  • Slate-Lite Project
  • Slate-Lite Project
  • Slate-Lite Project

Thin stone: the production process revealed

In regular stone processing, a stone slab has a much thicker limit for how much it can be cut before becoming brittle and breaking. It’s only thanks to a special technique that Slate-Lite products can achieve the 1,5mm thin stone surface. In order to achieve this, the stone slab is first covered with two layers of glue, the second being applied when the first begins to harden. The glue is then used to fix a fiber glass reinforced base to the stone. After drying for 24 hours, the base can be peeled off and the glue will take the first, thin stone layer with it. The result is a light-weight and flexible, yet stable panel made of real stone that can be used in ways that are impossible for regular stone panels.

Slate-Lite product lines and accessories

Apart from our main product line, the Slate-Lite thin stone panels, we offer two more product lines for various purposes. One of them is Eco Stone, a stone veneer with a cotton backing that is 3D-formable. The other is Translucent, a thin stone with a translucent backing that can be used to cover a light source for a unique backlit pattern that really brings out the unique properties and colors of each stone type. In addition, we also offer the necessary products for applying, cleaning and maintaining our thin stone products.

Which Slate-Lite thin stone product is suitable for which application?

Our main Slate-Lite thin stone veneer has the widest range of application for indoor and outdoor purposes. Walls, floors, paneling, furniture, wet and dry rooms; all of these are suitable for Slate-Lite. Our UltraThin eco+ line is primarily fitted for walls, furniture, and 3D forming, whereas Translucent can be applied to walls and furniture in regular rooms and bathrooms and kitchens for a unique lighting.

What are the decors available for Slate-Lite thin stone products?

Slate-Lite offers over 40 different colors and patterns for its thin stone products. Due to using natural stone, all patterns and color variations are ultimately unique, but we offer a picture service to our customers so all orders of a given décor can be viewed before delivery to see exactly how the thin stone surface in any given order looks like.

Where are the Slate-Lite thin stone products sourced and manufactured?

All steps of production are taken care of in our own factories, so we have full control over all aspects of our product. The components and stone are strictly controlled for quality before they are used and regular tests conducted by the CEO himself ensure that each thin stone panel reaches the strict standards we have set for ourselves.

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