Slate-Lite Schulungen

[NEWSBLOG / 19.06.2015]

On 13th June 2015 we had our second big Slate Lite training. 25 participants learned how to work with Slate Lite, Eco Stone and various adhesives and protections. A special emphasis has been put on Slate Lite Self Adhesive and Eco Stone Self Adhesive.

The first part of the training was theory: here the participants learned about samples of application of thin slate, protection of the stone surface and about the new stones.

In the second, practical part of the training, the participants learned how to handle the adhesives in connection to the different sheets. The trainees were separated in four groups, each of the groups having their own booth to use for applying the wall covering. Not only were the new self adhesive sheets used, but all products that are approved by R&D for easy processing. As a really new product the trainees were encouraged to use Slate Lite Grouting Flex especially.
br> Within the 8h of training a lot of knowledge has bee shared. Since the feedback has been completely positive R&D has decided to host another training this fall.

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