Slate-Lite im  Möbelbau

[NEWSBLOG / 18.11.2015]

In order to use Slate Lite for furniture making it is necessary to press the material on wood e.g. MDF. Firstly a counteracting paper must be adhered on the MDF with a generous amount of adhesive.

Then on the other side another generous layer of adhesive has to be applied. The Slate Lite Blanco will now gently pressed against the MDF by hand. In this step it is highly important to make sure, that the counteracting paper, the MDF and the Slate are precisely put on top of each other.

This plate will then be put into a carpenters press. In order to avoid any damage on the machine it is advisable to use a compensation matte or board between machine and the stone surface.

After pressing the material must be cut. First the overlaying slate and counteracting paper will be cut off, then the material will be cut on miter.

In order to put together the material both edges get a generous layer of carpenters adhesive, will be put together and fixed with tape. After the adhesive has died the tape will be taken off and the material has to be finished by use of fine sand paper. Please be careful since the stone surface is really thin and might show by too much pressure by the sandpaper.

The finishes bench has both looks and the feeling of a heavy stone bench while being as lightweight as a wooden bench.

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