Jede Aufgabe hat ihren Kleber

[NEWSBLOG / 10.05.2017]

Slate-Lite is usable for many applications – each with its own requirements and stress-level. Therefore we provide you with the perfect suitable adhesions for patterns in Slate-Lite, EcoStone or Translucent:

Slate-Lite Easy Glue is a simple and quick spray contact adhesion for bonding large surfaces. It is especially made for EcoStone.

Slate-Lite Adhesive-Grey is our two-component-allrounder for every pattern and application. It is usable inside and outside, on floors, walls, facades or your kitchen.

Soundaseal MS Clear is a crystal-clear hardening non-shrinking adhesive. It is perfect for our translucent materials.

Soundaseal Fix All Floor & Wall is a waterproofed and sound-absorbing surface adhesive and works fine on horizontal and vertical surfaces.

Soundaseal HT is the perfect adhesion to adhere Slate-Lite on your walls, because of its high initial adhesion.

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