Shipping and delivery

To which countries do you ship Slate-Lite?

We ship Slate-Lite worldwide!

The only exceptions are certain danger areas such as Iraq, Iran etc.
If you want to ship to a crisis area, please contact our sales department beforehand.

Do you have partners / dealers in other countries?

We ship Slate-Lite from our online shop worldwide.

A complete list of all local trading partners can be found at https://www.slate-lite-shop.com/filialen

How expensive is shipping on a pallet?

The pallet shipping is based on the daily price.
We have no fixed terms here. You are welcome to send us an inquiry via the online shop (www.slate-lite-shop.com) or send your inquiry to sales@slate-lite.com

How is Slate-Lite shipped and unpacked?

Our standard format of 122 x 61 cm is stacked and sent to you in a flat shipping box. Depending on the decor, up to 15 sheets can fit into one package.
Large formats with 240 x 120 cm and 260 x 120 cm are sent on a pallet or rolled. To do this, we heat the leaf over the entire area and carefully roll it up. Up to 2 large formats fit in one box.

Please always open all packaging carefully and make sure that you do not leave any scratches on the material. Check directly when receiving the goods whether the corners of the pallet or box are damaged and have this confirmed by the carrier.
Please let rolled large formats slowly unroll independently and lie flat. Do not unroll the material too quickly as this can damage it! The supply of heat can accelerate the unrolling process.

Please note that smaller stone fragments do not damage the material in any way, but rather are a quality feature of the real natural stone surface: Despite small stone fragments in the package, the Slate-Lite sheet is usually completely undamaged and the stone surface is intact across the board!
In addition, there may be slight superficial scratches on the material, which unfortunately cannot be avoided due to storage and transport. Such slight scratches can easily be wiped away with a lint-free cloth and also do not damage the material!

All common transport routes are suitable: sea and air freight as well as courier shipments.

Since Slate-Lite is very light, it can be sent worldwide without any problems. In the case of urgent shipments, it is even advisable to send it by courier.

What freight costs can I expect?

Shipping for sample shipments within the EU and for orders with a value of goods over € 250 within Germany and Poland is free.

For all other orders, you will automatically receive the shipping costs at the end of your order process in the online shop (www.slate-lite-shop.com). This applies to pallet and parcel shipping.

If you would like an offer from us in advance, you can simply send us an inquiry via the online shop and you will receive the corresponding offer as soon as possible by email. Alternatively, you can send us your request to sales@slate-lite.com.

When is shipping on a pallet recommended?

We always recommend shipping the goods on a pallet if you have ordered a very large quantity, as transporting larger quantities on a pallet is safer than with UPS.

In general, we recommend shipping large formats flat on a pallet in the cold winter months (October - Easter), as the cold temperatures mean there is an increased risk of breakage if the material is sent rolled.

The following material can generally only be shipped flat on a pallet:
1. Material sealed or impregnated by us in advance
2. Art decors in large format (240 x 120 cm) 

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