Can I return the material if I don't like it?

Slate-Lite can generally be returned.
Exception: Remaining items, special formats and coated goods cannot be exchanged! (see also AGB point 12)

Please note point 12 of our terms and conditions for possible returns:

Extract of the terms and conditions
12. Return or withdrawal from the order

When returning ordered goods without material defects, 15% of the sales value or at least 30€ will be charged for handling fees. The processing fees are a maximum of 150€. Shipping costs for delivery will not be credited. This regulation applies to business customers.

The goods must be undamaged, i.e. in the same condition in which they left the warehouse.

This is then checked during the incoming inspection. Any breakages that occur during the return are documented with photos and sent to the customer.

In the event of breakage, the plate will be credited minus 50% of the purchase price. In the case of other defects, such as grease stains (finger grease), the plate must be cleaned, with 30% of the purchase costs (per plate) being incurred. The customer must ensure that he sends the goods back to us in a transport-safe box.

Remaining items, special formats and coated goods cannot be exchanged!

Control of the ordered goods by the customer:

The customer must check the goods when accepting the parcel and check whether the shipping service provider has delivered the goods to the customer in a perfect condition.

If there is obvious damage, the customer does not have to accept the goods and give them back to the shipping service provider.

For all orders, make sure that the goods are acclimatized before unpacking (unrolling) so that breakages are avoided.

We recommend shipping during the winter months (October - Easter), as well as in colder climates and countries, for the large formats only flat on a pallet in order to avoid damage during transport and unrolling of the material. Shipping rolled with UPS is still possible at your own risk.

We would like to point out that you will receive all of our invoices electronically as PDF by email and that you have to keep them unchanged in accordance with the legal requirements that apply to you. There is no separate dispatch in paper form.

What do I do if my order arrives damaged?

If your goods have arrived damaged and this can already be seen from the outside, please have the driver acknowledge this. If the package shows any external damage and you are not sure whether something is damaged, have the driver acknowledge this as well .

Then check the goods carefully for possible defects or damage and then contact our internal sales team immediately: sales@slate-lite.com It is best to attach photos of the damage.

You also have the option of refusing to accept parcels / pallets if damage can already be seen. If you still want to have the goods, please contact us directly so that we can bring new goods to you on the transport route. 

What should I do if I received the wrong size?

If while looking through your order you notice that you have received the wrong size, please contact our sales team: sales@slate-lite.com
You make our work easier if you already attach a photo or two.

What can I do if I have received the wrong material or decor?

If, while looking through your order, you notice that you have received the wrong material or decor, please contact our sales team: sales@slate-lite.com
You make our work easier if you already attach a photo or two. 

What can I do if I gave the wrong delivery address when ordering?

If the goods have not yet been shipped, we can change them later and send them to the correct delivery address. Please note, however, that additional costs may arise if the delivery address is very far (e.g. in another country) is away from the specified delivery address.

If the goods have already been shipped, it is unfortunately not possible to change the delivery address at a later date. You then have the option to refuse acceptance so that we can give the shipping company or courier service the correct delivery address.

Alternatively, you can also accept the goods at the address and forward them to the correct delivery address yourself.

In all cases, please contact our sales team so that we can help you quickly: sales@slate-lite.com 

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