What adhesives can be used?

In principle, simply attach the appropriate adhesive to the surface to be processed and then press the Slate-Lite sheet onto the desired location.

Depending on the place of installation, we carry different adhesives in our range.
Please refer to the respective data sheets for the adhesive for further information on processing and application.

Basically, Slate-Lite is best processed with polymer adhesives.

Our adhesive products in our range are:

Slate-Lite Floor & Wall Interior: Suitable for all interior gluing of Slate-Lite.
Soudal 240 FC: Suitable for bonding outdoors and wet areas such as shower / bathroom.
Slate-Lite PU: Suitable for pressing Slate-Lite onto various substrate materials, carpentry applications.
UltraThin eco+ contact adhesive: Suitable for all bonding of UltraThin eco +.
Soudal MS Clear: Suitable for all transparent bonds with Translucent.

For the time being, we cannot recommend any other tile adhesives, as permanent bonding cannot be guaranteed.

You can find more detailed instructions for processing Slate-Lite in our shop in the "Processing" section and in the respective data sheets.

Is it necessary to protect Slate-Lite?

We offer different protective products for different places of application in our range. These ensure the simplest possible cleaning and long durability of the real stone surface.

Slate-Lite Special Impregnation: low-stress walls, ceilings
Slate-Lite Special Protection: shower & bath, Walls with medium stress, outdoor
Slate-Lite 2K Protection Wall: walls with high stress such as backsplashes, kitchen, furniture etc.
Slate-Lite 2K Protection Floor: soil surfaces in dry areas

How do I clean the material?

Slate-Lite can be cleaned with all commercially available, non-corrosive household cleaners.
In most cases, even clear water and a lint-free cloth are enough.

Outdoor cleaning is also possible by high-pressure cleaner, please note only the recommended distance of the device manufacturer during use.

What is the fire class of Slate-Lite?

Our standard material has the fire class Cfls1 (floors).
A special fire-retardant material with the fire class Cs3d0 is also available on request.

Which tool do I use to edit / cut Slate-Lite?

No special tools are required for processing Slate-Lite!

You can cut Slate-Lite by using standard tools for wood or stone.
UltraThin eco+ can even be cut with scissors or a cutter.

Is is possible to get specific sizes?

You can also order Slate-Lite cut to your required size directly from our shop - so the cut is done by us before hand and the application can be done as soon as the material reaches the application sight.

Do I have to prepare/smooth the processing ground?

In order to glue Slate-Lite optimally the substrate must only be smooth, dust-free, clean and not moist.

Crumbling substrates such as old, crumbling plaster or wallpaper that is already slightly loose must be primed in advance to ensure the permanent connection of glue to the wall.

No special preparation is necessary for "stable" substrates.
Too strong unevenness on the application surface must either be worked with a primer or sanded smooth. 

Can I combine protective products such as sealants and impregnations?

Our protection products are not compatible with each other, please refrain from combining different impregnations or seals.

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