Where is Slate-Lite produced?

The headquarters of Slate-Lite is in Germany, this is where the product was developed and this is where all business transactions take place - our main warehouse is also in Germany.

Our thin stone veneers are produced in India and Africa.

Of course, we make sure that there are good working conditions there too and that safety regulations are observed.

The health of our employees is particularly important to us: All employees in our factories must wear appropriate protective clothing - depending on the work process, these may be face masks, ear protection, goggles, gloves and safety shoes. When processing natural stone, there is usually a high level of fine dust exposure. Thanks to the innovative production method of Slate-Lite, this load can be massively reduced: Since the massive slate blocks are not chiseled or split in the production of Slate-Lite, but rather peeled off in layers, there is no fine dust pollution for our employees during this work step. The process steps of sawing and grinding the slate blocks are carried out in our factories in conjunction with water and any dust that occurs is thus directly bound. The risk of health hazards from silicosis, also known as stone dust lung, is therefore not present in the Slate-Lite production process!