What adhesives can be used?

In principle, simply attach the appropriate adhesive to the surface to be processed and then press the Slate-Lite sheet onto the desired location.

Depending on the place of installation, we carry different adhesives in our range.
Please refer to the respective data sheets for the adhesive for further information on processing and application.

Basically, Slate-Lite is best processed with polymer adhesives.

Our adhesive products in our range are:

Slate-Lite Floor & Wall Interior: Suitable for all interior gluing of Slate-Lite.
Soudal 240 FC: Suitable for bonding outdoors and wet areas such as shower / bathroom.
Slate-Lite PU: Suitable for pressing Slate-Lite onto various substrate materials, carpentry applications.
UltraThin eco+ contact adhesive: Suitable for all bonding of UltraThin eco +.
Soudal MS Clear: Suitable for all transparent bonds with Translucent.

For the time being, we cannot recommend any other tile adhesives, as permanent bonding cannot be guaranteed.

You can find more detailed instructions for processing Slate-Lite in our shop in the "Processing" section and in the respective data sheets.