How do I use Slate-Lite outdoors / as a facade?

Slate-Lite is also suitable for outdoor areas or the facade.
When processing, ensure that the material is glued over the entire surface. 

Sealing is not necessary, but the material can be impregnated.

Slate-Lite and Translucent are suitable for outdoor use, the UltraThin eco+ series is not intended for outdoor use.
Slate-Lite and Translucent are both frost and weather resistant.

When used as a house facade, ventilation may be necessary - other surfaces can be glued directly.
You can either use our regular Slate-Lite material as a facade, or you can use our interlocking facade system with prefabricated panels.

Cleaning can be done with a high pressure cleaner. Pay attention to the manufacturer's instructions for the high-pressure cleaner and the specified distances for using the device.