Where is Slate-Lite produced?

The headquarters of Slate-Lite is in Germany, this is where the product was developed and this is where all business transactions take place - our main warehouse is also in Germany.

Our thin stone veneers are produced in India and Africa.

Of course, we make sure that there are good working conditions there too and that safety regulations are observed.

The health of our employees is particularly important to us: All employees in our factories must wear appropriate protective clothing - depending on the work process, these may be face masks, ear protection, goggles, gloves and safety shoes. When processing natural stone, there is usually a high level of fine dust exposure. Thanks to the innovative production method of Slate-Lite, this load can be massively reduced: Since the massive slate blocks are not chiseled or split in the production of Slate-Lite, but rather peeled off in layers, there is no fine dust pollution for our employees during this work step. The process steps of sawing and grinding the slate blocks are carried out in our factories in conjunction with water and any dust that occurs is thus directly bound. The risk of health hazards from silicosis, also known as stone dust lung, is therefore not present in the Slate-Lite production process! 

What are the available sizes?

Our standard sizes are: 

122 x 61 cm (approx. 0.74 m2),
240 x 120 cm (approx. 2.88 m2) and
260 x 120 cm (approx. 3.12 m2).

Special formats or individual cuts on request are possible.
You can order your desired dimensions directly in the online shop in the "Special dimensions" area.

Is Slate-Lite harmful to health?

No, Slate-Lite meets the highest quality requirements, also in terms of health.

The best example: Our recently conducted VOC emission test was passed with flying colors (result class A +).

High VOC values ​​are harmful to health: odor nuisance, irritation and symptoms in humans that cannot be directly attributed to a disease are possible consequences for personal health.

We tested the "Falling Leaves" colored slate decor as an example - due to the extremely low emissions measured, the test institute was even able to terminate the test chamber test prematurely!

Incidentally, we not only had Slate-Lite tested in the test institute, but also a cheaper competitor product - the results are also clear: The inexpensive competing product does not meet the emissions requirements for the health assessment of building products and is therefore classified as hazardous to health and not suitable for indoor use! The permissible limit values ​​were sometimes even exceeded by 20 times! 

What adhesives can be used?

In principle, simply attach the appropriate adhesive to the surface to be processed and then press the Slate-Lite sheet onto the desired location.

Depending on the place of installation, we carry different adhesives in our range.
Please refer to the respective data sheets for the adhesive for further information on processing and application.

Basically, Slate-Lite is best processed with polymer adhesives.

Our adhesive products in our range are:

Slate-Lite Floor & Wall Interior: Suitable for all interior gluing of Slate-Lite.
Soudal 240 FC: Suitable for bonding outdoors and wet areas such as shower / bathroom.
Slate-Lite PU: Suitable for pressing Slate-Lite onto various substrate materials, carpentry applications.
UltraThin eco+ contact adhesive: Suitable for all bonding of UltraThin eco +.
Soudal MS Clear: Suitable for all transparent bonds with Translucent.

For the time being, we cannot recommend any other tile adhesives, as permanent bonding cannot be guaranteed.

You can find more detailed instructions for processing Slate-Lite in our shop in the "Processing" section and in the respective data sheets.

How thick is Slate-Lite?

Our thin stone veneers usually have the followingthicknesses:

Slate-Lite: approx. 1.5 - 2.5 mm

UltraThin eco+: approx. 0.5 - 0.9 mm

Translucent: approx. 1.5 - 2.5 mm

Please note that due to the natural stone surface, slight fluctuations in thickness are possible.

Is it necessary to protect Slate-Lite?

We offer different protective products for different places of application in our range. These ensure the simplest possible cleaning and long durability of the real stone surface.

Slate-Lite Special Impregnation: low-stress walls, ceilings
Slate-Lite Special Protection: shower & bath, Walls with medium stress, outdoor
Slate-Lite 2K Protection Wall: walls with high stress such as backsplashes, kitchen, furniture etc.
Slate-Lite 2K Protection Floor: soil surfaces in dry areas

Can I use Slate-Lite outdoors?

You can easily use Slate-Lite outdoors.

Please only note that a protective sealing of the material is recommended to ensure longevity and easy cleaning. We recommend using either our Slate-Lite Special Protection or no protective product for outdoor use.

As with any other wall covering, the surface of the surface to be processed must of course also be sealed in accordance with the applicable DIN standards.

Slate-Lite and Translucent are both frost and weather resistant.

When used as a house facade, ventilation may be necessary - other surfaces can be glued directly. 

How do I clean the material?

Slate-Lite can be cleaned with all commercially available, non-corrosive household cleaners.
In most cases, even clear water and a lint-free cloth are enough.

Outdoor cleaning is also possible by high-pressure cleaner, please note only the recommended distance of the device manufacturer during use.

How do I use Slate-Lite outdoors / as a facade?

Slate-Lite is also suitable for outdoor areas or the facade.
When processing, ensure that the material is glued over the entire surface. 

Sealing is not necessary, but the material can be impregnated.

Slate-Lite and Translucent are suitable for outdoor use, the UltraThin eco+ series is not intended for outdoor use.
Slate-Lite and Translucent are both frost and weather resistant.

When used as a house facade, ventilation may be necessary - other surfaces can be glued directly.
You can either use our regular Slate-Lite material as a facade, or you can use our interlocking facade system with prefabricated panels.

Cleaning can be done with a high pressure cleaner. Pay attention to the manufacturer's instructions for the high-pressure cleaner and the specified distances for using the device.

What is the fire class of Slate-Lite?

Our standard material has the fire class Cfls1 (floors).
A special fire-retardant material with the fire class Cs3d0 is also available on request.

Is it possible to use Slate-Lite in the kitchen?

You can also use Slate-Lite in the kitchen without any problems.

When used as a backsplash, we only recommend that you seal our stone veneers for protection in order to protect the surface from heavy dirt and to be able to clean it more easily. We recommend our 2K Protection Wall.

The application as a worktop is possible, but is not recommended due to the uneven surface and the extreme loads that are put on the natural stone surface by cutting tools etc.

If you still use Slate-Lite as a kitchen top, you should definitely seal the material. Unfortunately, we do not currently have our own sealer in our range for this area.

Which tool do I use to edit / cut Slate-Lite?

No special tools are required for processing Slate-Lite!

You can cut Slate-Lite by using standard tools for wood or stone.
UltraThin eco+ can even be cut with scissors or a cutter.

Is it possible to use Slate-Lite at balcony/terrasse?

You can easily use Slate-Lite outdoors, even on terraces or balconies.
Both the horizontal laying as a floor with most decors, as well as the vertical laying as a wall are possible. You can get a complete list of all decors that can be used as floorcoverings from our sales department under sales@slate-lite.com.

When used outdoors, please note that protective sealing of the material is recommended to ensure durability and easy cleaning. We recommend our Slate-Lite Special Protection .

In addition, the substrate of the surface to be processed must of course be sealed according to valid country standards, as with any other wall covering.

Is is possible to get specific sizes?

You can also order Slate-Lite cut to your required size directly from our shop - so the cut is done by us before hand and the application can be done as soon as the material reaches the application sight.

Is it possible to use Slate-Lite in shower or bathroom?

You can easily use Slate-Lite in wet areas such as showers & bathrooms.

Please note that sealer is recommended to ensure durability and easy cleaning.
In addition, the substrate of the surface to be processed must of course be sealed according to valid country specific standards, as with any other wall covering.

For showers & bathrooms, all the decors of the product lines Slate-Lite and Translucent are suitable, except for the three limestone decors in our portfolio.
Unfortunately, UltraThin eco+ and Artdecors Lite are not suitable for wet area.

Do I have to prepare/smooth the processing ground?

In order to glue Slate-Lite optimally the substrate must only be smooth, dust-free, clean and not moist.

Crumbling substrates such as old, crumbling plaster or wallpaper that is already slightly loose must be primed in advance to ensure the permanent connection of glue to the wall.

No special preparation is necessary for "stable" substrates.
Too strong unevenness on the application surface must either be worked with a primer or sanded smooth. 

To which countries do you ship Slate-Lite?

We ship Slate-Lite worldwide!

The only exceptions are certain danger areas such as Iraq, Iran etc.
If you want to ship to a crisis area, please contact our sales department beforehand.

Do you have partners / dealers in other countries?

We ship Slate-Lite from our online shop worldwide.

A complete list of all local trading partners can be found at https://www.slate-lite-shop.com/filialen

How expensive is shipping on a pallet?

The pallet shipping is based on the daily price.
We have no fixed terms here. You are welcome to send us an inquiry via the online shop (www.slate-lite-shop.com) or send your inquiry to sales@slate-lite.com

How is Slate-Lite shipped and unpacked?

Our standard format of 122 x 61 cm is stacked and sent to you in a flat shipping box. Depending on the decor, up to 15 sheets can fit into one package.
Large formats with 240 x 120 cm and 260 x 120 cm are sent on a pallet or rolled. To do this, we heat the leaf over the entire area and carefully roll it up. Up to 2 large formats fit in one box.

Please always open all packaging carefully and make sure that you do not leave any scratches on the material. Check directly when receiving the goods whether the corners of the pallet or box are damaged and have this confirmed by the carrier.
Please let rolled large formats slowly unroll independently and lie flat. Do not unroll the material too quickly as this can damage it! The supply of heat can accelerate the unrolling process.

Please note that smaller stone fragments do not damage the material in any way, but rather are a quality feature of the real natural stone surface: Despite small stone fragments in the package, the Slate-Lite sheet is usually completely undamaged and the stone surface is intact across the board!
In addition, there may be slight superficial scratches on the material, which unfortunately cannot be avoided due to storage and transport. Such slight scratches can easily be wiped away with a lint-free cloth and also do not damage the material!

All common transport routes are suitable: sea and air freight as well as courier shipments.

Since Slate-Lite is very light, it can be sent worldwide without any problems. In the case of urgent shipments, it is even advisable to send it by courier.

What freight costs can I expect?

Shipping for sample shipments within the EU and for orders with a value of goods over € 250 within Germany and Poland is free.

For all other orders, you will automatically receive the shipping costs at the end of your order process in the online shop (www.slate-lite-shop.com). This applies to pallet and parcel shipping.

If you would like an offer from us in advance, you can simply send us an inquiry via the online shop and you will receive the corresponding offer as soon as possible by email. Alternatively, you can send us your request to sales@slate-lite.com.

Can I combine protective products such as sealants and impregnations?

Our protection products are not compatible with each other, please refrain from combining different impregnations or seals.

What is the price?

Our prices depend on the type of stone in the décor.
All prices can be found conveniently and clearly directly on our online shop www.slate-lite-shop.com/eng

Is Slate-Lite usable in pools?

You can also use Slate-Lite in the pool area or directly in the pool, both in saltwater pools and in chemical pools with chlorine water.
The limestones are excluded from use in the wet area, a complete list of all decors usable in the pool area can be obtained from our sales department under sales@slate-lite.com if required.

Please note that we do not recommend any protective sealing or impregnation in standing waters, as this could lead to colour changes.
As with all materials in the pool area, sealing according to country standards for the substrate must also be guaranteed.

With standing waters (as with conventional tiles) it is possible that white lines and residues are formed at the water edge. These can only be easily removed with a high-pressure cleaner.

When is shipping on a pallet recommended?

We always recommend shipping the goods on a pallet if you have ordered a very large quantity, as transporting larger quantities on a pallet is safer than with UPS.

In general, we recommend shipping large formats flat on a pallet in the cold winter months (October - Easter), as the cold temperatures mean there is an increased risk of breakage if the material is sent rolled.

The following material can generally only be shipped flat on a pallet:
1. Material sealed or impregnated by us in advance
2. Art decors in large format (240 x 120 cm) 

Is is possible to use Slate-Lite at fireplaces?

You can also use Slate-Lite on the exterior of fireplace.

Slate-Lite is heat resistant up to a temperature of 120°C, our standard adhesive up to 90°C.
If you need a more heat-resistant adhesive, we recommend the ASK DS770 from our range, which can be used up to 127°C.

Our standard material has the fire class Cfls1 (floors). A special fire-resistant material with the fire class Cs3d0 is also available on request.

Is Slate-Lite usable for stairs?

You can also use most Slate-Lite decors as flooring on stairs.
A complete list of all usable decors can be obtained from our sales department at sales@slate-lite.com if required.

We recommend sealing our stone veneers when used as floor covering - in our range we include, the Slate-Lite 2K Protection Floor.

When using on stair steps, we also recommend the use of edge profiles (also available in our range) to protect the impact edges and to protect them from demolition. 

Can Slate-Lite be used for furniture or furniture fronts?

You can also use Slate-Lite to make furniture.

We generally recommend our UltraThin eco+ product range due to its low overall thickness, but you can also use any other product line.
In our range of accessories, we also have a suitable PU adhesive for pressing Slate-Lite onto different carrier materials.

Can I return the material if I don't like it?

Slate-Lite can generally be returned.
Exception: Remaining items, special formats and coated goods cannot be exchanged! (see also AGB point 12)

Please note point 12 of our terms and conditions for possible returns:

Extract of the terms and conditions
12. Return or withdrawal from the order

When returning ordered goods without material defects, 15% of the sales value or at least 30€ will be charged for handling fees. The processing fees are a maximum of 150€. Shipping costs for delivery will not be credited. This regulation applies to business customers.

The goods must be undamaged, i.e. in the same condition in which they left the warehouse.

This is then checked during the incoming inspection. Any breakages that occur during the return are documented with photos and sent to the customer.

In the event of breakage, the plate will be credited minus 50% of the purchase price. In the case of other defects, such as grease stains (finger grease), the plate must be cleaned, with 30% of the purchase costs (per plate) being incurred. The customer must ensure that he sends the goods back to us in a transport-safe box.

Remaining items, special formats and coated goods cannot be exchanged!

Control of the ordered goods by the customer:

The customer must check the goods when accepting the parcel and check whether the shipping service provider has delivered the goods to the customer in a perfect condition.

If there is obvious damage, the customer does not have to accept the goods and give them back to the shipping service provider.

For all orders, make sure that the goods are acclimatized before unpacking (unrolling) so that breakages are avoided.

We recommend shipping during the winter months (October - Easter), as well as in colder climates and countries, for the large formats only flat on a pallet in order to avoid damage during transport and unrolling of the material. Shipping rolled with UPS is still possible at your own risk.

We would like to point out that you will receive all of our invoices electronically as PDF by email and that you have to keep them unchanged in accordance with the legal requirements that apply to you. There is no separate dispatch in paper form.

What do I do if my order arrives damaged?

If your goods have arrived damaged and this can already be seen from the outside, please have the driver acknowledge this. If the package shows any external damage and you are not sure whether something is damaged, have the driver acknowledge this as well .

Then check the goods carefully for possible defects or damage and then contact our internal sales team immediately: sales@slate-lite.com It is best to attach photos of the damage.

You also have the option of refusing to accept parcels / pallets if damage can already be seen. If you still want to have the goods, please contact us directly so that we can bring new goods to you on the transport route. 

What should I do if I received the wrong size?

If while looking through your order you notice that you have received the wrong size, please contact our sales team: sales@slate-lite.com
You make our work easier if you already attach a photo or two.

What can I do if I have received the wrong material or decor?

If, while looking through your order, you notice that you have received the wrong material or decor, please contact our sales team: sales@slate-lite.com
You make our work easier if you already attach a photo or two. 

What can I do if I gave the wrong delivery address when ordering?

If the goods have not yet been shipped, we can change them later and send them to the correct delivery address. Please note, however, that additional costs may arise if the delivery address is very far (e.g. in another country) is away from the specified delivery address.

If the goods have already been shipped, it is unfortunately not possible to change the delivery address at a later date. You then have the option to refuse acceptance so that we can give the shipping company or courier service the correct delivery address.

Alternatively, you can also accept the goods at the address and forward them to the correct delivery address yourself.

In all cases, please contact our sales team so that we can help you quickly: sales@slate-lite.com 

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